Social Media

8th June 2018

How accountants can build a successful social media marketing campaign

For any accountancy firm, social media is one of the easiest and most reliable ways…
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6th June 2018

How can you attract more followers on Twitter?

Twitter is a great way to share information and stay updated in real-time about what’s…
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8th May 2018

Growing your accountancy firm with Twitter

A lot of businesses have taken to social networking in droves to market, advertise and…
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23rd April 2018

3 social media mistakes every accountant should avoid

1. Don’t create too many social accounts It’s common for people to embrace their employment…
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19th February 2018

Achieving success on LinkedIn in three easy steps

Do you feel that you don’t have enough time for social media? Or, are you…
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6th February 2018

How financial advisers can harness the power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often seen as an accountant’s best friend, and it can be so much…
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17th January 2018

Improve client engagement by integrating email marketing with social media

Although email predates Facebook by a few decades, coupling it with social media marketing can…
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12th January 2018

Four common LinkedIn mistakes that can seriously injure an accountancy firm’s chances of landing the leads they want

1. Incomplete profile Having an incomplete profile can almost be worse than having no profile…
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8th January 2018

Making social media a crucial part of your online presence

Social media marketing is continuously evolving, and marketers are learning that it is important to…
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3rd January 2018

Four ingredients for LinkedIn success that every accountant should remember

It’s no secret that businesses are increasingly turning to social media to execute key business…
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