How financial advisers can harness the power of LinkedIn

By 6th February 2018 No Comments

LinkedIn is often seen as an accountant’s best friend, and it can be so much more than just a digital CV full of your skills and experience. Harness the power of LinkedIn and use it unlike any other social network.

1. Showcase your digital CV
LinkedIn may not be just about your digital CV, but it is a major component of the professional social media giant. Make sure when you’re found online, your profile is optimised to reflect who you really are. Don’t be shy: showcase your achievements, your education and your skills. Highlight additional qualities that make you a compelling professional, such as charity work and interests. People like people who they share common interests with, and the same can be said for clients looking for an accountant.

2. Network
LinkedIn is now a great way to virtually network with anyone (well, as long as there is some sort of mutual connection). If there is a third-party individual that you and your current network share, ask for an introduction. It is a safe way to grow your network, while avoiding the chance of being flagged as spam.

3. Establish yourself as a credible source
Having a professional network is one thing, but using your expertise as a source of knowledge for others is a great way to build more credibility. Search for relevant groups and begin commenting on discussions. Or if you’re producing your own valuable content, such as blogs, white papers or brochures, share these on your profile or in groups. It is a great way to get more exposure and also provide useful information to people – the majority of people would rather learn from you from a helpful article than a sales pitch.

4. Build your company’s online presence
If you have your own firm, don’t forget to create a company profile to showcase your specialities, your professionals and your successes. There is even a tab to share company updates on products and services. This is a great way to display your services to potential leads.

5. Tap into a bigger client base
Finally, if you’re up for the task, targeted ads have great potential to grow your business that traditional outbound marketing couldn’t possibly achieve. Set a budget, craft a compelling ad that invites the user to learn more and collect the leads for you or your sales team to follow up on.